This is a story about how we woke up in Hell...

I Did everything for her

She and I, we woke in a suspended cage. All of our clothes were torn in places, but our bodies were fine. The cage was dirty and bare, the only thing in it was us. Outside the bars of the cage was an unending landscape of jagged rock, featureless except for the things that moved across it's surface. People and things that were not people. This is how me and her woke up in Hell.

We were both rational, but rationality only lasts so long. We cried, we screamed for help, we moved past emotion. The cage was our home for a time, but eventually the hunger forced us to make a decision. The cage was unlocked, why would it not be? It was hung from the ceiling with a massive chain, suspending us thousands of feet from the floor. The landing was not soft, but in Hell your body never stays broken. We learned this after the jump.

We walked for a very long time. Many people around us had either given up, choosing to lay on the floor and moan, or they walked like we did, her and me . She kept me going, and I like to think I her. The things that were not people were the only true reminder of where we were, all different from the next. Some of them were massive, crushing people in their wake, and others worked like a hive, a single mind for countless bodies. All of them had teeth and claws, stained from use.

There was a ceiling, so there had to be walls. It was a goal at least, something to do amidst the terrible hunger and pain. The ceiling was as flat as the land before us, it's only feature was a gaping hole that only the ragged, winged creatures could travel. A way out, maybe. I did everything for her.

A long enough time, and you get used to anything. Hell almost seemed redundant. The sound of unending pain was boring and the sound of bone cracking was common. Only two things needed avoided. The dark, and the sacs.

In the shadow of the greater creatures, people sunk into the floor, almost as if the dark came alive, their desperate fighting and screams lost to the total blackness. We only saw this twice. The other peril, the sacs, were large, unmoving, and made from burned flesh. She and I watched a man limp to one. It screamed at him, a high piercing noise that drew us closer from our vantage point.

I thought of a siren briefly before the man was sprayed with blood, the force of it sent him backwards. Her right arm was also covered, and it began to itch with a force I thought impossible. Before my eyes, her arm became a deep red as it hardened like steel, her fingers sharpening. In my terror, I paid little attention to the monster that sprang from the place the man landed. The sacs were the forges in which demons were made.

Her arm never stopped itching, and my attempts to satisy it with my left hand made my fingernails cracked and broken. But I had a way to provide for my her. I used a dagger found in the gravel to cut and maim people, stealing clothes, food, shelter. We forgot our pain by forcing it on others. I did everything and more for her.

There was no way to keep track of time, but it was so long I forgot my name. The only thing I never forgot was her, and my love for her. What got us in the end was one of those sacs, the sirens.The call of them was undeniable, at least to me.She tried to stop me, but I was always faster, and her arm made running impossible with its great weight. She followed me, screaming, begging me to listen to her. But I was coated in the sick blood of that thing by the time she got to me.

"His body grew larger, his arms longer, almost tentacle like. His screaming deepened as his masculine form was lost to the changing. I can not imagine the agony he was in. His head grew horns, his back grew great leather wings, his legs fell off at the knee with a snap.

Once his transformation was done, he gave me a knowing, pained look. I had tears in my eyes, the first true liquid I felt since we got down here. I was picked up by one of his new arms, and a flap of his wings took us up. I felt the wind ripping through me, and the roar of our fellow demons as we tore through the hole in the ceiling, darkness taking over us.

My waking mind found myself sitting in the smashed car. The truck had hit us head on. In the driver's seat, his legs were crushed, my own arm hanging limply by the smallest amount of flesh possible. I looked into his dimming eyes, his iris's dark brown and glowing with fire before he shut them forever.He did everything for me. He did not let me drive "